I am so excited to share these songs with you. Whether you are someone I love dearly, or someone I am yet to meet, I pray that these songs would be a source of encouragement and would bring healing where it is needed.

It was only a couple of years ago that I came to the realization that I had a story to tell and a song to sing – not just a voice to be heard. We all have stories to share, and I am blessed to do this through music. These particular songs are about experiences and life lessons that I have encountered, all with one theme running through them. God created you and me in His image and no matter how we feel on any given day, the one thing that doesn’t change is His undying love for us.

Anna waters





After officially joining the band ‘Sons of Korah’ as a support act and a backing vocalist in 2016, I decided to record a CD. This had always been the plan in previous years but I felt really led to record it after having a conversation with a stranger after the end of a Sons of Korah performance. He had expressed his desire to be able to take the songs that I had sung home with him and show them to a loved one who would benefit from hearing them. After leaving him, I felt a great responsibility and desire to be able to use my songs and music as a vehicle for others to use for their own personal encouragement and healing.

Let’s keep in touch. I’d like you to be the first to know when my full album is available.